Hi, I'm Jon, and I HATE bad ads.

I'm a creative director, brand strategist, copywriter, and podcast producer.
I've got 15 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director, working in top agencies in South Africa and Spain.
I've also served as the in-house creative director at Virgin Active South Africa, and since 2017 I've been working as a freelance copywriter, CD, and brand strategist. In 2019 I founded Ping, a podcast production studio.I write copy for anything, I create content (mostly in pod and vodcasts), and I help clients with a lot of fundamental brand work and pitch decks. I also like contract work at agencies to feel that rush again.If there's anything I can help you with, drop me a line.Geography is no boundary, so get in touch no matter your time zone or continent.


Email me to say hi, check out my LinkedIn for my full resume, go to Behance for more portfolio work, and visit the Ping Productions website to find out what I'm doing over there.Below you'll find a very small slice of my most current work. In the past I've worked across almost every industry and channel. Let me know what you're looking for and I can probably provide some portfolio work for reference.

Latest Blog Article

Luggage Warehouse

10 painful lessons you’re going to learn from travelling overseas with your toddler

Simon Key, Creative Director, Moonsport

"Jonathan's combined skillset of creative, strategy and wizardry of words allows him to be a powerful freelance tool for Moonsport to have close at hand.His vast agency experience of local and international markets allows for him to understand briefs and scenarios quickly.This combination of skillsets and understanding allows for him to consistently contribute to the Moonsport's team, allowing us to provide a better solution to our clients."

Latest Web Copy


Succinct, friendly, and more than a touch of attitude.

Personal Podcast

Off the Grid in SA

A practical guide to shedding load shedding - Limited series

Brian Scott

Head of Marketing, Planet Fitness

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jon for many years now and he truly is not only a gentleman and a scholar, but a master of his craft.His passion for great work, supersedes all else and he is relentless in pursuing the impossible. This often leads to work far exceeding expectations.He has a wonderful way with people and getting the best out of them in a cohesive and efficient manner.It truly is a pleasure and a privilege to work with him and I can’t recommend him strongly enough."

Client Podcast

Change in One Generation

Produced for BrightRock and The Change Exchange.


City of Cape Town

Fire Prevention Radio - On contract at Hello FCB+

"Jonathan gives informed creative direction, useful feedback, has a keen eye for design, and wields an Oxford comma like a demigod (minus the ego and scare tactics).Jonathan knows how to get the best out of a design team in a gentle, collaborative manner, while getting his hands dirty with copywriting, radio scripts, storyboards and art direction on shoots."

Dominique Whelan, art director



Fibre Interet - The Internet is waiting for you. I'm showcasing the radio here, but it was a part of a full brand strat and collateral rollout including digital, outdoor, and activation ideas.

Awards stuff

  • Cannes finalist - Radio

  • Bronze Clio - In-store

  • Clio finalist - Radio

  • Bronze Bookmark - Social Media Campaign

  • Silver Loerie - Radio

  • Silver Pendoring - Radio

  • One Show Merit - Print

  • Bronze Loerie - TV

  • Eight other Loerie finalists

  • Finalist at Pendoring Ad of the Year

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